Friday, May 17, 2013

Follow Friday: Spin Sucks

Twitter’s Follow Friday (#FF on Twitter) is a great idea – in concept.

In reality, I’m not going to follow someone unless you give me a compelling reason to, an approach Gini Dietrich also prefers. If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll see that I usually recommend just one person each #FF and I’ll tell you why I like them.

That way, you can decide if you might like to follow them too.

I read many things for many reasons, but I always look for the posts from Spin Sucks, the blog by Gini’s team at Arment Dietrich, because I know I’m going to find something interesting there.

Sure, they have posts that tell me about great tools for PR things like adding visuals to your blog posts, but that’s not really why I love Spin Sucks.

I love them because they focus on what I like to think of as the human side of PR. When I read posts like Gini’s recent rant about how the ability to be considerate and carry a civilized conversation is called being a decent human being and is not a specialized PR skill, I want to jump up and shout “Hear, hear!” Her note on the need to diversify our understanding of what it means to be successful inspired me so much I wrote my own blog post about decisions I’ve made to step outside the money trap.

Appropriately, the entire team at Arment Dietrich are also great at engaging with their followers. They respond to tweets and comments on their blog with thoughtful comments. In other words, they demonstrate that they understand the point of social media. That is a distressingly rare skill among bloggers, brands, and PR firms.

Confession: this is the only blog I read every day, and that’s a testament to the calibre of writing, the digestible length of the posts (not too long, not too short), and the original thought that goes into the articles.

Plus, Lindsay Bell’s a fellow Maritimer.

So head on over to Twitter and follow @SpinSucks. Tell them @kato42 sent you.